Ecosystems Dynamics

We assess and analyse the state of different habitat types and their ecological changes with a particular focus on the habitats of national importance of Switzerland. We concentrate on ecological changes and their causes in different ecosystems and habitat types of Switzerland. We are especially interested in the effects of different management systems, nutrient input, land-use change (e.g. intensification, abandonment), habitat fragmentation as well as climate change on ecosystem state. We base our research on systematically assessed floristic and faunistic biodiversity-data, modelling and remote sensing information.

We strongly engage in the monitoring and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative changes in natural or semi-natural habitats of Switzerland as a basis for decision-making in policy and applied nature conservation. In the project "Effectiveness of Habitat Protection in Switzerland", commissioned by the Federal Office of Environment BAFU, we concentrate on the habitats of national importance (raised bogs, transitional mires and fens, dry meadows, alluvial zones and amphibian spawning areas), i.e. the "crown jewelry" of Swiss nature reserves. Moreover, we share our knowledge on mire protection through consulting activities for the national government and the cantons.

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