SwissFungi - Records Database for the Fungi of Switzerland

This dataset provides distribution data of fungi in Switzerland of the National Data and Information Centre, called SwissFungi. SwissFungi is a partner of InfoSpecies, the network of Swiss data and information centres for fauna, flora and fungi. One of its main objectives is to document the spatial and temporal distribution of species in Switzerland.

The SwissFungi database currently contains more than 670'000 geo-referenced fungi observations, distributed throughout Switzerland. The oldest observations date back to 1770. A large portion of the records are from the last two decades of the last century to the present day. The database is continuously updated with new fungi records. The data have been validated and originate from national inventories, from research projects, from floristic observations by volunteers as well as from private and public herbaria and from the literature.

The data from the distribution atlas of fungi in Switzerland are available for research and practice (nature conservation projects, environmental impact assessments etc.) and can be obtained via an application form. Please note the tariffs for data requests and submit your request directly to the InfoSpecies office. Applications are usually answered within two working weeks. Details on the use of data are regulated in the current guidelines of the national data centers. Please note that the data center SwissFungi is not able to verify all incoming fungal records completely for a correct identification or coordinate errors and therefore cannot guarantee the correctness of the information.

License under InfoSpecies. Data is free of charge for research projects and available on request.

Funding Information:

This work was supported by:
  • FOEN (link)
  • Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL (link)

Related Publications

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Gross, Andrin; Blaser, Stefan; Senn-Irlet, Beatrice (2020). SwissFungi - Records Database for the Fungi of Switzerland. EnviDat. doi:10.16904/envidat.136.

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