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On June 18, 2023 at 11:21:44 PM UTC, Gravatar Michael Haugeneder:
  • Set author of Turbulence in The Strongly Heterogeneous Near-Surface Boundary Layer over Patchy Snow to [{"given_name": "Michael", "name": "Haugeneder", "email": "", "identifier": "0000-0003-3228-9868", "affiliation": "SLF"}, {"given_name": "Michael", "name": "Lehning", "email": "", "identifier": "0000-0002-8442-0875", "affiliation": "SLF"}, {"given_name": "Rebecca", "name": "Mott", "email": "", "data_credit": ["publication"], "identifier": "", "affiliation": "SLF"}] (previously [{"given_name": "Michael", "name": "Haugeneder", "email": "", "identifier": "0000-0003-3228-9868", "affiliation": "SLF"}, {"given_name": "Michael", "name": "Lehning", "email": "", "data_credit": ["supervision"], "identifier": "0000-0002-8442-0875", "affiliation": "SLF"}, {"given_name": "Rebecca", "name": "Mott", "email": "", "identifier": "", "affiliation": "SLF"}])